VAT compliance platform Designed specifically for e-comerce selling globally.
We calculate, fill and submit returns, pay VAT in 57 countries.

When you sell globally, you need to calculate and pay VAT at customer's location.
Let's do it easy and accurate with LOVAT
  • Accurate Compliance

    with LOVAT you can apply
    rates and allowances and
    will never overpay VAT
  • For low cost

    Monthly subscription
  • Easy to start

    One simple API allows you to pass global VAT liabilities to LOVAT

Service overview

  • Identifies your customer’s location
  • Applies only to overseas transactions
  • All VAT compliance
  • Applies the appropriate tax rate to the transaction
  • All VAT returns are ready for submission for 57 countries
  • All data for tax audit are available
O.Rayan, Gameplay GmbH
Automatization with LOVAT made tax reporting a simple and clear task for us, to which we return once per quarter
O.Rayan, Gameplay GmbH